Are You Our Next Visionary?

There are many difference facets to Motion Global’s company culture that pertain not just to the company as a whole but also to our different divisions.

There are three aspects though that truly define our community that stretches far beyond what you come to work to do everyday.

Who are we?

We’re International

We have over 30 different nationalities working within the company from all corners of the earth. Not only do we celebrate peoples’ individual cultures but more importantly we revel in the fact that our company is proud to be one of the most multicultural workplaces you can find around the world.

We’re Young

The average age for a Motion Global employee is 28 – your new family is filled with energy, enthusiasm and a love of change and challenge in the brave new world of online retail. We work hard, we play hard and pride ourselves on innovating new ways to get things done.

We’re Aggressive

As you’re reading this, things are changing in Motion Global. When we started in 2006, we had approximately 3 staff. Now in 2014 we are 150 and by 2016 we expect to reach to around 600 people.

What this means for you is more than just having to move desks regularly – you will be expected to take a leadership role early on as you gain more responsibility.  If you can prove yourself, you will fast track your career at a lightning pace. The career progression you’ll experience here if you perform well, will see you handed more responsibility and the ability to make your own decisions faster than most other companies in the world.

We are aggressive in our business expansion and our corporate structure is evolving faster than anyone expected – you will join a team of ‘intrapreneurs’ (internal entrepreneurs) who are constantly finding ways to do more with less.

Current Openings